Event and Dance Portfolio


We love choreographing any type of dance you can think of! First dances, parent dances, birthday dances, bridal party dances, and more! We can even help with dance lessons if you'd just like to brush up on some moves on the dance floor.

Jessica and Michael's First Dance

We had the pleasure of coordinating and choreographing Jessica and Michael's first dance and wedding at this beautiful private estate. These two did an amazing job with the choreography and had an amazing wedding day!

Belem and Jose's First Dance

These two did great on their first dance, and can we just talk about Belem's black wedding dress? Everything about this is such a show-stopper. So glad we were able to be a part of their special day by coordinating their wedding AND choreographing their first dance.

Trinidee's 15th Birthday Dance With Her Court

We had choreographed this special dance for Trinidee to do with her court. She had a bunch of top favorite songs, so, of course, we had to include them all. They all did a great job, and her guests all had such a great time!

Bob's Dance Goal Challenge

Bob had a goal to learn a couple of cool dance moves and make a video of his progress and experience! It took us about a month to learn this whole routine. He had NO dance experience whatsoever, and here he is dancing in different parts of the world!